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  • Krista Galke

Sewing Disney

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Hey Ya'll,

I swear that every time I write on here I say "Sorry its been a long time!". Well guess what? It has, and I'm back again writing to update you on all the happenings of our life over the past couple of months.

You know what? That sounds boring to me, Let's do something fun.

Ya'll. The other day I was so deep into Disney Instagram that I came to a point where I was 5 seconds from applying to be a Character look-alike at Walt Disney World Florida. I literally live in Houston, how the heck am I going to work for Disney full time (Even with flight benefits)? I'm not. BUT, here I am on my in-law's couch still looking up beautiful Disney costumes, and wishing every week was Halloween so that I could force-dress Decker to be all of my Disney princes. Something in me just tells me that he's not going to go for Tarzan's Loin cloth until we are at least hit body builder status on working out. But, in response to my body's desperate cry to be a beloved Disney princess, I've decided that I will be one. Regardless of Halloween or not! And if I have to get Hansel, my wiener dog, to be my companion, I say: "SO BE IT."

So In all honesty I have a lot of people in my life that love Disney movies. It's been our favorite vacation spot for years and years. Besides dreaming about being in frontier land on big thunder mountain, all whilst having a churro in one hand, a mickey Premium bar in the other, I always LOVE to go see the characters in the parks.

The parade costumes always leave me in awe, and I am the one you can always see dancing to the songs on the sides yelling at my favorite characters. While in college my roommate Rachel and I would always talk about making legit costumes to be a party business, and I was to be the one sewing all of the costumes.

So ultimately what I'm getting at, is why not? Why can't I take you through the process (struggles, and successes) of making all of the Disney Princess costumes? And once in a while maybe a prince will show up, whether human or dog! I honestly have no idea what I'll be doing with said Costumes, but I think it will be a lot of fun to work through, as well as learn a lot about sewing that I don't know yet.

I've just bought a pattern on how to make a custom dress form fit to my exact body measurements so that I can drape my costumes. As soon as I finish with that I think I'll draw from a hat full of the princesses and hopefully video and take pictures of my process. Although my favorites are Tiana, Rapunzel, and Ariel, so I'll probably have the most fun making those. 

What do you guys think? Would you like to see that? I still want to update my blog at least weekly, and not all with costume updates. I'm hoping to get a blog post up about the haunted house Decker and I put together with some of our family, and our Halloween costume for this year (if I finish my part of it in time). So stay tuned for that in the next week! 

Thanks for indulging me by following along in my Disney wishes.

Bye bye Ya'll.



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