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  • Krista Galke

My Happy Place.

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

As you may know by now, I am the wife of a pilot. He's absolutely incredible and it is always so refreshing to see him go grab hold of his dreams. He's great at being there for me even from long distance, and it's like Christmas every time he comes home, but what about when he is not home? What do I do to stay sane while being alone most weekends?

Let me tell you. It hasn't been easy. But I do have a few tricks up my sleeve for days that really get difficult. Weirdly one of those tricks for me is going to a fabric/craft store.

There is something comforting to me about going through all of the aisles and running my hands along all of the different textures. I like going down all of rows and looking at trims and buttons, and coming up with something in my head to use each of them all for. I have absolutely no need to make a ton of costumes or spend 500 dollars on antique or vintage simplicity patterns. And guess what? I don't. I just go to look, sometimes to buy. Sometimes I have a big project in mind, sometimes I just need inspiration.

When I was little my mom had this pattern she would make over and over for my sister and I.

Here we are on the 4th of July in our dresses. I'm the one on the far right!

They were button up dresses and every little event that we would have we were at the fabric store so she could make our little dresses match whatever we were doing. We had Shamu dresses, Disney dresses, I even had a Texas flag dress for an elementary school day party we had in the first grade. While at the fabric store, I remember walking down each aisle until I found the flannel fabrics, and I would rub the soft flannel in between my hands and beg for my mom to make me more snuggle blankets. Honestly I still do that, that's probably where it all started.

I went to Joanns toady. I didn't buy anything, And you know what? I feel better. Sometimes life can be hard, maybe you are really just not feeling it that day and need a little pick me up, maybe work has got you down, or your husband is out of town flying airplanes. In those moments, do something that makes you happy. (Even if that it going to a craft store, a donut shop, and then finishing the day off by watching parks and recreation and literally eating an entire dominos pizza like I did today.)

What makes you happy when you're sad? Is it calling your mom, Watching Netflix, writing in a journal, or maybe walking around a fabric store? Whatever it is, we are united here to find the things that make us happy, and then DO THEM!

Now please excuse me while I make another trip to Joanns while I wait for Decker to come home, and March to begin!

Thanks for listening,



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