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  • Krista Galke

Galke Family Christmas

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

What you need to know about our new strange family tradition.

So Decker and I always talked about what would happen when we have kids someday. even while we were dating I think we both knew that we were going to be married, and would often swap ideas that we had about what we could do to make our kids as cool as we want to be. ( I type as I sit here in a dirty house scraping brownie batter off my laptop.)

One of the many Ideas that we tossed around was wanting our future kids to experience something we like to call "Stupid Family Traditions."

So to explain what that is, I have to tell a small backstory: When I was younger my parents made it a point to go out of their way to help us kids feel loved, and important. Among many things that we did, we always went to DisneyWorld on vacation. Im talking at least once every two years, sometimes more. So my sweet little Disney heart thought that the word "Vacation" Just was a fancy way to say Disney world. When any of my elementary school friends would say they were going to go on vacation, I would say something along the lines of "What park is your favorite?! Mine is Magic Kingdom!" It wasn't until much later I realized that people go other places than the Disney Parks on Vacation, and someday I would marry an airline Pilot who would show me the ins and outs of an airplane. But I want our kids to have something that they latch on to and remember for the rest of their lives (like me and Disney)

Decker and I decided that because we have such strong heritages, it would be really cool to integrate them as much as we could with our future kids! Decker's family is mostly German. His Opa Immigrated from there, and has the sweetest little German accent when he speaks. I've completely fallen in love with German Culture, and look forward to the day where Deck and I get the chance to go for the first time. In the meantime we found some ways to make our Christmas a little more German each year, while at the same time softly tricking our kids into believing that dressing up for Christmas pictures means that they have to wear traditional German Lederhosen and Dirndls. Cue to our picture this year.

While I know we don't have kids, nor are expecting kids in the near future, that is no excuse for me not to hand sew a Dirndl for Christmas pictures.... right?

RIGHT. So that's exactly what I did. I ordered a pattern online of a traditional Bavarian Dirndl, Picked some fabric up from Joanns and got to work! It took me a while to figure out what I wanted and how to do traditional piping around the collar, but I think It turned out great until we can get a professional one one day in Germany. I actually ordered Decker's Lederhosen off some site online that was literally called (still laughing about that by the way) Then I picked up the rest of his ensemble from amazon. (also fun fact: the choker around my neck is recycled from a Christmas bow that topped a gift my mom gave me for Christmas.)

One day I hope that when someone asks my kid "what's your favorite part of Christmas" they will immediately respond "I love when everyone gets to were lederhosen and dirndls for Christmas pictures" much to the confused faces of all the people listening. And I hope that everyone enjoys our little family picture this year as we are getting closer and closer to Christmas Day!

We will be gone next week in Hawaii, and then off to The Galke's for Christmas with the family! Till then, I hope to keep y'all updated on our strange little happenings, and If I don't post till then, Fröhliche Weihnachten to all!



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